PROCURED results are presented in a technical workshop at Parma (Italy).

On the past September 8th (2015), the Stazione Sperimentale Industria Conserve Alimentari (SSICA) organized a technical workshop at their facilities at Parma. The workshop was aimed at providing a comprehensive review on the use of new meat inspection technologies to improve the production process of dry-cured ham. The work presented was carried out in the framework of the European Research Project ProCured (605608). The event was attended by tens of representatives of Parma ham and San Danielle ham producing companies.

In the technical workshop, SSICA presented novel results on how the properties of raw meat conditions the salting and the curing process, and ultimately, the quality and characteristics of the final product. Moreover, in the workshop it was also discussed how it is possible to reduce the salt content in dry-cured ham by means of a modified salting process, and by tightly monitoring raw meat properties.



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