• • LENZ - Lenz Instruments S.L., Spain

    lenzLenz Instruments S.L. is a technology-based company focused on the development and commercialization of instruments and systems for industrial inspection applications, as well as on providing engineering services in fields related to process optimization, monitoring, control, and automation.
    Key fields of expertise include contactless inspection technologies based on electromagnetic sensing technology, vision systems, and vibrational spectroscopic analyzers.
  • • STRASSER - Strasser Ges.m.b.H & Co KG, Austria

    2. STRASSERBusiness Activities: Strasser offers a quality selection of machines. To achieve this we are very selective with our machines. We only stock machines which we would use ourselves and machines which we would have no hesitation in recommending.
    This uncompromising demand for high quality has allowed us to be the chief agent in Austria for the most well known manufacturers across the food and butcher industry. As a full-line provider, we sell new machines for Seydelmann (cutters, grinders and mixers), Magurit (frozen meat cutters), Henneken (tumblers), Frey (fillers), Bastra (smoking units), Henkovac (vacuum machines), Foodlogistik (dicers), Jeros (washers) and Suhner (injectors) in Austria.
    Role in the Consortium: As experts in mechanical design and manufacturers of machinery for the meat industry, STRASSER will collaborate at the different stages of design and manufacture of the mechanical structure which will support the MIS and VIA system. STRASSER will be in charge to ensure that the machine developed by the consortium meet the demands of the meat processing industry.
    Expected Benefits: There is only one formula for satisfied customers and intrepreneurial success: hard work! And we have been living this principle, along with our employees, since the foundation of our company in 1979. STRASSER has gained its reputation in the food and butcher industry over the past 30 years. The name Strasser stands for exceptional machine technology and excellent service. With a network of over 1,000 customers from which 95% are in the meat processing business, the QMEAT system will help us to offer a new product to our customers. There is nothing similar to QMEAT on the market. QMEAT system will represent a real breakthrough in the sector.
    Having such product, we plan to expand our business on the German market. We plan to develop the mechanical parts of the QMEAT system and integrate the MIS and VIA systems manufactured by JCB. STRASSER expects to have direct sells of the machine mainly in the German market. In collaboration with JCB, we expect to install a total of 200 QMEAT machines in 4 countries in a period of 5 years.
  • • ROSER - Roser Construcciones Metalicas, S.A., Spain

    3. ROSERROSER CMSA was created in 1959, and it has become one of the biggest and well known factories that supply machinery and equipment for food processing and more specifically, for the meat industry.
    ROSER headquarters are in Cassa de la Selva (Spain). We have a factory in Toluca (Mexico), office in Portugal and distributors in more than 60 countries of the five continents. Roser has a wide range of equipment on different product lines: Hygiene and handling equipment, cutting lines, machinery for cured ham and for cooked products
  • • STEVIA - STEVIA KFT, Hungary

    4. STEVIASTEVIA is a supplier of equipment to the meat sector in Eastern Europe, operating from Budapest, Hungary. They provide state of the art stoving, ripening and drying units, to manufacturers of sausages, bringing to their clients their unique experience and the inclusion of constant innovation.
    STEVIA is capable of providing specific solutions to each of their clients, providing the drying solutions which are the most appropriate for their method of production.
  • • CENT – Jamones Centelles S.A., Spain

    5. CENTJamones Centelles is a food company specialized in dry‐cured hams and shoulders, as well as in the deboning slicing of a great variety of meat products. Belonging to the Group Subirats, we have succeeded in achieving the required equipment, experience and knowledge in meat processing technology, to attend to most demanding customers.

    F.lli Galloni S.p.A. is a single-product company specialized in the production of superior quality Parma ham for close to 50 years. The company has three plants with 58 employees and an overall production of approximately 300,000 hams per year. Galloni ham is supplied to qualified delicatessen stores and prestigious restaurants both in Italy and abroad.
    F.lli Galloni was established in 1960. Yet the knowledge and experience of the five founding bothers go back much further. Their skills, abilities and expertise had been developed in the decades before that, when the Galloni brothers, working in the oldest prosciutto factories in Langhirano, acquired the art of making top quality ham, through careful attention to every phase of production: from the selection of the raw material, to processing through to curing. In 1972, the second Galloni plant was opened, with a productive capacity of 110,000 pieces. The starting up of the third production plant in the year 2000 brought the company to an annual output capacity of approximately 300,000 hams and a leading position in the domestic market, which was covered uniformly thanks to a well organized sales network. Export covers about 30% of production, with important results in the United States, Japan, Australia and numerous countries. As they approach the company's 50th anniversary, Fratelli Galloni is still run by two members of the same family, who jealously preserve the wealth of knowledge handed down to them keeping a long family tradition alive.
    The main reason behind the success of F.lli Galloni Spa, leaders in the production of Prosciutto di Parma, lies in their ability to combine their pursuit of maximum product quality with a consumer-oriented approach to the market as well as in their respect for traditional, natural processing methods combined with the adoption of the modern equipment made available through technological progress and food processing research.
    Over a period of almost fifty years of activity a determining role was played by the family effort, which has provided an opportunity for constant support and exchange leading to the expression of the company's full potential.
  • • IRTA - Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentàries, Spain

    irtaIRTA is a public research institution belonging to the autonomous government of Catalonia. With around 600 employees of whom 220 are researchers, IRTA has 21 scientific research programmes gathered in five areas of knowledge: plant production, animal production, food technology, environment and global change, and agro-food economics. IRTA´s funding consists of 35% of structural funds from the autonomous Government and the remaining 65% of funding is self generated by IRTA (contractual research, competitive research funding and competitive provided services).

    atekneaAteknea Solutions brings together four research and innovation companies operating at a European level for over 15 years. Ateknea aims to assist European SMEs in transforming their innovative ideas into real marketable products and services that are crucial for their success. By offering tailor-made services for innovation, such as technological development and coaching, Ateknea’s experts cover a wide range of engineering and scientific areas. Ateknea has locations in Barcelona, Brussels, Budapest, Krakow and Valetta.
  • • SSICA - Stazione Sperimentale per l'Industria delle Conserve Alimentari – Italy

    ssicaSSICA Experimental Station for Food Preserving Industry.
    SSICA is an applied and experimental research body founded as a Public Body in 1922 with Royal Decree no. 1396 of 2 July. Transformed into a Public body by Legislative Decree no. 540 of 1999, is now a special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Parma pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 78 of 31/05/2010 amended by Law no. 122 of 30 July 2010, with the purpose of improving the quality and safety standards of products along the entire supply chain. The Agency has various departments specific to the different product sectors, as well as departments and laboratories in charge of more general activities; it has equipment and know-how aimed at experimenting with new products, new processing and preservation procedures, analyzing possible economic and social impact.
    The department activity focuses on meat products, whose industrial preservation is obtained by heat treatments (cooked meats), drying or fermenting (dry-cured meats), or active packaging (sliced meats).
    The main traditional activities aiming at improving the technology and the quality of Italian cold cuts go along with topics such as safety, nutrition, novel products development, packaging, shelf-life and environmental sustainability.
    The research, developed in collaboration with the industry, associations of producers, consortia, universities and research institutes, aims to provide support to enterprises for the improvement of standards of quality and safety as well as a scientific basis for the entire meat chain, including the suitability of the raw material for processing, monitoring of processing, study of pre-portioned and packaged end products.
    The technicians also act as consultants for institutions, associations and enterprise.